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Public Services

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General Education Competency Assessments

  • Southeastern Technical College (STC) has identified the following college-level General Education Competencies to be attained by students:
    • The ability to utilize standard written English.
    • The ability to solve practical mathematical problems.
    • The ability to read, analyze, and interpret information.
    • The ability to utilize basic computer skills.
  • All students pursuing a degree, a diploma, or a technical certificate of credit with a General Education component will be required to pass the General Education Competency Exams prior to graduation.
  • Students will need either an electronic or paper permission form from their advisor indicating that they have completed the required General Education courses and are eligible to take the exam.
  • Testing schedules are posted at the beginning of each semester. Students are responsible for scheduling an appointment to take the exams at a designated testing location on each campus. If the advisor has chosen the electronic permission form, students should access the link at the bottom of the form and schedule a test date that fits into their schedule.
  • On the day of the exam, students will need to present a picture ID and the permission form to the testing coordinator.  Students should also bring a pencil/pen to the testing session. 
  • All competency exams must be completed prior to graduation.
  • Students may begin taking the exams soon after requirements have been met but should begin no later than six months before graduation.
  • Students who complete a diploma program and later enter the degree program will not be required to re-take the competency exams if their initial scores were high enough to meet degree requirements.
  • Students who transfer credit for COMP 1000 from another institution will be given two chances to pass the Southeastern Technical College Exit Exam. If the student does not pass the exam, he/she will be required to re-take COMP 1000.

*Note:  No cell phones will be allowed during testing.


Spring Testing Schedule - Vidalia Campus


Assessments and scores are given in the table below:






    WorkKeys Applied Mathematics

    Score of 3 or higher

    Score of 5 or higher

    Compass E-Write

    Score of 5 or higher


    General Education Writing Competency Exam


    Score of 2 or higher
    on a 3-point rubric

    WorkKeys Locating Information

    Score of 3 or higher

    Score of 4 or higher

    WorkKeys Reading for Information

    Score of 3 or higher

    Score of 5 or higher

    COMP 1000 Comprehensive Exam

    Score of 70% or higher

    Score of 70% or higher

*TCCs with a Gen Ed component