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2018 STC Certificate Ceremony

May 15, 2018 – On May 1, Southeastern Technical College (STC) held its Certification Ceremony, for students completing certificate programs from the Vidalia and Swainsboro campuses.

STC offers more than 45 Certificate programs which vary from Administrative Support Assistant to Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder. These certificates prepare students for numerous entry level positions. Some can also be continued into a diploma or degree level education.

Thirty of last year’s 677 certificate graduates participated in the Certificate Ceremony held at STC’s Swainsboro campus. The certificates were presented by Mitchell J. Fagler, Executive Director of Student Affairs and Financial Aid at STC.

Hal Wilson and La’Toya Jackson welcomed the graduates as with words of wisdom and encouragement. Both Hal and La’Toya shared their stories of what brought them to STC and their expectations of the future.

Hal Wilson, an ASN Graduate from STC, began his career as a Georgia State Trooper. Eventually he found himself at New Student Orientation in 2015, beginning his collegiate career. Hal has since then made a thriving career for himself and his family as a Registered Nurse. He encourages his students to be in persistent pursuit of their dreams.

“Keep challenging yourself,” said Hal. “Do not become lazy in learning. Do not become stagnant in life. Keep pushing yourself to find what makes you successful.”

La’Toya Jackson welcomed her graduating class with a humbling story about her experience as a deaf student. After a sickness left La’Toya completely deaf, she had to learn how to function in the workforce with her new disability. At STC, La’Toya found a place of education that would work alongside her disability and make it possible to get an education despite it. La’Toya encouraged her fellow graduates to continue their journey despite setbacks and to always “dream big.”

“This is not the end of your story,” said La’Toya. “Southeastern Technical College has given us something that no one else can give: an education and a future.”

Other speakers included Tony Criswell, Electrical Construction Technology Instructor and Susan Cross, Executive Director for Adult Education.

For more information on opportunities in technical education, visit or call 912-538-3100 or 478-289-2200.

students who participated in the Certification Ceremony at the Swainsboro Campus

Students who participated in the Certification Ceremony on the Swainsboro Campus.