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Public Services

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Jordan Griffin - Dual Enrollment to Dual Degrees

At the beginning of Fall semester, Vidalia High School Senior Jordan Griffin began taking Dual Enrollment classes in Welding at STC. The College offers a Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC) and it’s open to high school students. Students are able to complete this certificate in two semesters: fall and spring.

During fall, Jordan took an Intro to Welding Technology class where he learned the different welding processes and had hands-on practice. He also took the Oxyfuel/Plasma Arc Cutting class where he learned to set up and operate a hand torch, pipe beveler, track torch, and an arc gouger, giving him further experience in cutting, brazing, and even oxyacetylene welding.

“Jordan and his classmates began taking their last class, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, to complete this Certificate Spring semester and he has finished all of the required assignments, as well as pipe welding in the 1G horizontal rolled position,” said Mr. Michael Crumpler, Welding Instructor at STC. “As a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), I can certify welders and after a demonstration, Jordan passed his welding certification test and is now a certified welder. He and his classmates have worked hard to get to this point and I know he will have a skill and trade to fall back on once he graduates and makes plans for the future.”

Mr. Crumpler took Jordan’s class on a field trip a few weeks ago to see and meet potential employers within the service area.

Jordan will graduate high school in May with his diploma, a TCC from STC, and with a nationally recognized welding certification. He has hopes of becoming a millwright.

“Through the exploration of talking to friends and family and other people about my career options and thinking about my grandpa being a welder, I knew this was what I wanted to try. I encourage others to take a chance on Dual Enrollment. It’s an opportunity for a foot in the door to see what you want to do, at no cost really,” said Jordan. “I would also like to thank Mr. Crumpler for all he’s done for all of us in the program.”

If you are interested in finding out how you can sign up for this program or others through Dual Enrollment, contact your high school counselor or Melissa Rowell (, 912-538-3100) or Agatha McRae (, 478-289-2259) at STC.

Jordan Griffin with Instructor Michael Crumpler

(L to R) Jordan Griffin with Michael Crumpler, Welding Instructor at STC