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Public Services

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Advisory Committees Provide Real-World Guidance for STC

April 30, 2013 - Technical colleges pride themselves on giving students an education rooted in real-world knowledge, and for Southeastern Technical College, advisory committees represent one of the strongest connections to that knowledge.

Formed of industry professionals, advisory committees inform and are informed by the school. They serve as the most current real-world example of each program’s field of study. In a meeting with advisory committees last month, Dr. Cathryn Mitchell, STC president, explained the vital role of the committees.

“You give us your expertise, so that we can make sure our programs stay current and up-to-date so that when our graduates finish, they can get good jobs and they can be the productive workers you need them to be.”

Renee’ Hall, owner of Modern Image Salon in Twin City, has been on the STC Cosmetology advisory board since before the Swainsboro-Vidalia merger and understands the value in the college and the committee sharing their perspectives.

“Having my own business, I see different things I think the students need to learn and different aspects of the profession they need to understand,” said Hall. “But, I also enjoy it because it keeps me up to date on things happening at the school.”

The owner of Reidsville’s Pizazz, Wanda Blair, uses her role as a cosmetology advisory committee member to make sure students are taught practical cosmetology, not just theoretical.

“The students benefit a lot from knowledge gained in the industry, rather than just learning it from a book,” said Blair. “They need to know about real-life problems, real things.”

The committee’s influence can go beyond changes to instruction, as well.

“The committee can recommend new equipment and administration has to answer that recommendation,” said Peggy Braswell, cosmetology instructor on the Swainsboro campus. “The committee helped to get the PediSpa and new styling stations on this campus.”

Committee members also review standards, grading methods, and student and program learning outcomes. This, in turn, produces students that the committee members would want to employ.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, but the school makes efforts to show how much they value the volunteers’ time. National Hairstylist Day was April 30, so in celebration of that and to show gratitude for the committee’s service, Braswell and fellow instructors Linda Hairr and Althea Telfair sent out certificates to each member that grant them a day of pampering at the college. Braswell says it’s the least they can do.

“They help us to keep up to date with the latest trends, suggest ideas for work ethics, help us find guest speakers and even act as guest speakers themselves,” said Braswell. “They donate their time because of a love for the college. They are a very positive influence on the program.”

For more information on cosmetology or becoming an STC advisory committee member, visit or call 912-538-3100 or 478-289-2200.

STC Cosmetology Advisory Committee members Kelli Webb (seated, right), Delane Washington (far left) and Harriett Page (far right) lend their expertise to cosmetology instructors Linda Hairr, Peggy Braswell and Althea Telfair (left to right), along with Wanda Blair, Renee’ Hall and Susan Waters.