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Can't Get Much Beta Than This

June 12, 2017 – Back by popular demand, Southeastern Technical College (STC) has recently reestablished their student organization Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) for students who are interested in pursuing a business or business-related career.

Phi Beta Lambda, first established in 1945, has become one of the largest collegiate business student organizations in the world. It accounts for over 13,000 members and 600 individual chapters across the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. This does not include their FBLA program that is available at most high schools which molds younger students who are also interested in business endeavors.

Samuel Holton, English, Reading, and Speech Instructor at STC, works as a student advisor for PBL members. Holton works to mentor students so that they can make the most of their experience in the organization.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to be the advisor for Phi Beta Lambda or PBL. In high school I was a member of the FBLA, and I have fond memories of the activities and conventions that I attended,” states Holton. “I hope to be able to provide Southeastern Technical College’s PBL members with opportunities to strengthen their professional skills, to participate in state and national competitions and to network with other PBL members.”

At STC, Phi Beta Lambda members are able to initiate business ventures with local businesses, organize community outreach programs, attend conferences at state and national levels, and participate in philanthropy events. They are also working with local businesses to gain corporate sponsorship and increase awareness about the organization itself.

Michael Harden, a current STC student is the local chapter President of Phi Beta Lambda. He is also the Vice President of Membership of Georgia Phi Beta Lambda. As president, Michael works to organize many of the chapter’s events and competitions.

STC’s chapter of Phi Beta Lambda is currently working on projects with their nationally designated charity, March of Dimes. The funds that are raised by the local chapter are used to better the surrounding community and can be used by the chapter for recognition in national competitions.

At the last conference, STC’s Phi Beta Lambda chapter won three student awards and two club awards for Most New Members and Largest Member Increase.

“We are still new,” states Harden. “There is a lot to learn; however I can see great chapter development within the next year or so.” Michael says he would like to see membership double over the next year and expects his chapter to win Chapter of the Year at the next competition.

As a student, Michael says that the club has greatly improved his learning experience and has given him skills that he will carry throughout his future career endeavors. “By going to meetings you learn communication and leadership skills,” states Michael. “The competitions really make you push yourself.”

Membership for Phi Beta Lambda is not exclusive to business students but is open to all students who share similar interests and those that are interested in gaining business experience. “There’s a place and competition for everyone,” states Harden. “The more diversified our members are, the more opportunities we will have as a group.”

Phi Beta Lambda encourages students to accomplish personal and social goals while promoting a sense of civic and personal responsibility. Above all, their purpose is to provide opportunities for students to develop vocational competencies for business and office occupations.

For more information on Phi Beta Lambda and other student organizations, visit or call 912-538-3100 or 478-289-2200.

Phi Beta Lambda students representing their organization at New Student Orientation.

Phi Beta Lambda students representing their organization at New Student Orientation.
Students are described from left to right: Kaytlin Tatum, Stacy Bohannon, and Michael Harden