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Georgia House Speaker, Legislators Hold Education Discussion at STC

October 30, 2013 - Southeastern Technical College’s Vidalia campus hosted a number of state legislators, including Georgia’s Speaker of the House David Ralston, for several education discussions in the school’s Tattnall Auditorium on Oct. 29.

Georgia senators and representatives met with three groups—including regional school administrators—to ask and answer questions about the state of their school systems.

“I thought it was important we have this kind of opportunity,” said Ralston. “Y’all come in and speak very candidly and frankly to us about what’s going on in your systems and what we can do as the legislative branch of the government to better help you do [your job].”

Ralston and the legislators came to Vidalia as part of a larger tour of the state to see, first-hand, the work of school systems in Georgia’s less-publicized regions.

“I told [Georgia House Education Committee] Chairman [Brooks] Coleman sometime back that I thought it was important that we remember that this state is a lot bigger than that little city called Atlanta,” said Ralston.

The legislators echoed Ralston’s desire to craft policy tailored for all areas of the state, not one-size-fits-all policy. After fielding questions from the crowds, the state officials expressed their belief in Georgia’s unique potential for growth, with Ralston declaring “there is no reason [Georgia] can’t be the number one competitive state in the nation.”

“Where I am really passionate is growing Georgia’s economy, creating jobs, creating economic opportunities for my children and for yours,” said Ralston.

While not all of the attending legislators sit on an education committee, their different areas of expertise still led them to the same conclusion on education’s role in Georgia’s growth: it is necessary and begins with students.

“Education is not about us,” said Ralston. “It’s about those kids. If we can all focus on that, we’re going to get a lot of good things done.”

For more information on regional education resources, visit or call 912-538-3100 or 478-289-2200.

Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston addresses the crowd at a mid-day meeting on Southeastern Tech’s Vidalia campus on Oct. 29.