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Public Services

Public Services

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STC and Construction Companies Meet Children of JCES

November 5, 2013 - The Red Ribbon Week parade at Jenkins County Elementary School (JCES) hosted several guests who have become fixtures in and around Millen of late: Robins & Morton, Build Your Future (BYF) and Southeastern Technical College.

Representatives from each of the groups had the chance to speak with the children during the Oct. 28 parade held at the school. The kids walked away with small giveaway items, but STC welding instructor Michael Crumpler felt they took away something much more important.

“Perhaps when they cross the bridge on their ride to school, they see the welders and fabricators constructing the bridge, crane operators and riggers moving pieces into place,” said Crumpler. “And one day, their parents may work for CARBO Ceramics and they may remember Robins & Morton and the welding instructor from Southeastern Tech at the parade and the neat stuff they were able to see.”

The three attending organizations have a common goal in putting Millen to work. BYF’s stated mission is to “[guide] America’s youth and displaced workers into opportunities for advanced education and training… in construction.” Robins & Morton has been working with both BYF and STC to find talented personnel for their projects here and abroad.

Millen has become a place of interest for BYF and Robins & Morton because of the CARBO plant, but they’ve made numerous efforts to show their commitment to the community outside of economics and employment, including the August backpack giveaways at Millen schools.

“During the backpack giveaways, you could see a sense of excitement and gratitude from not only the children but also from the parents and faculty and the administration,” said Crumpler. “Knowing that those companies care by reaching out and providing a service like that—as well as providing the labor and resources to clean up their Magnolia Springs State Park area—means a lot.”

For more information on local construction and welding opportunities, visit or call 912-538-3100 or 478-289-2200.

Michael Crumpler displays the effect of a welding hood on the sun for students at Jenkins County Elementary School in Millen on Oct. 28.