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Public Services

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STC Foundation Raises $40k+ in One Day, Creates New Scholarships

May 19, 2014 - The Southeastern Technical College Foundation employed a new campaign to secure donations in March, and after earning more than half of its business donations from new donors, the foundation is continuing to employ new strategies to aid students: new scholarships.

Netting a one-day total of $44,570, the STC Foundation's inaugural RIDE (Raising Interest and Donations for Education) campaign, which took place on March 20, was a success.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Charla Nail, executive director of the STC Foundation. “Employees were paired up with volunteers in the community and we had a really good turnout. They went out and visited local businesses, mainly businesses that are members of the Chamber of Commerce. They went door-to-door and talked to the businesses about the Foundation and asked for a donation.”

After a few hours, the volunteers had found donors in 138 businesses in the Toombs-Montgomery area, 79 of which had never before donated to the foundation.

The single-day total was over $40,000, but the foundation has yet to calculate a final number as pledge cards from the campaign day continued to come in through April and into May. Additionally, another single-day RIDE campaign is planned for the Emanuel county area in September.

The foundation is also taking new steps in applying the money they raise. This year, the STC Foundation has allocated $20,000 for general scholarships.

With the requirements for many widely-utilized scholarships having changed in the last few years, some students have been left without scholarships, so the Foundation is taking steps to mitigate that by investing in new and existing scholarships, available to a wide variety of students.

“Really, almost every one of our students should be eligible for one of these types of scholarships,” said Nail.

For more information on the foundation or scholarships, visit or call 912-538-3100 or 478-289-2200.

B.J. Davis, Georgia Power local manager for Vidalia and Soperton, (center left) and Melissa Cain, executive secretary at Plant Hatch, (center right) present a Georgia Power donation to STC President Dr. Cathryn Mitchell (left) and Charla Nail, executive director of the STC Foundation, (right) part of the $44,570 donors committed during the foundation’s one-day RIDE campaign.