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Public Services

Public Services

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STC Instructors Volunteer at Backpack Giveaway for Jenkins Co. Schools

August 20, 2013 - Southeastern Technical College welding instructors traveled to Millen on August 1 to help corporate partners CARBO, NCCER and Robins & Morton give out free backpacks at Jenkins County Elementary and Middle Schools.

Volunteers from the four organizations unloaded and dispensed hundreds of backpacks to students and parents at both schools. In addition to the backpacks, students could also get bookmarks, trading cards, stickers and other informational material, provided by NCCER.

“The children’s parents can now put a face to STC,” said Michael Crumpler, a welding instructor at Southeastern Tech. “They know we were there to help and show support for their community.”

CARBO and Robins & Morton are behind the construction of Millen’s new ceramics plant, and STC has partnered with them and NCCER, a foundation focused on enhancing construction education, to improve its curriculum and its graduates’ ability to find work.

“I am very excited about the Robins & Morton partnership with Southeastern Tech and existing relationship between Southeastern Tech and Jenkins County School System,” said Dr. Mittie Cannon, Robins & Morton’s director of workforce development. “I am thankful to see how a post-secondary program has aligned and partnered with a secondary school system and shown so much support.”

“We wanted to show our support for Millen alongside these organizations,” said Crumpler. “Robins & Morton sponsored our NCCER certification, NCCER is going to create more opportunities for our graduates, and CARBO is putting people to work in Millen. So, as much as STC can help this community, so can our partners.”

STC has already had several graduates employed by the plant project in Millen, and with new NCCER-certified curriculum being implemented in this fall’s welding courses, the college expects similar success for many more graduates.

For more information on careers in welding, visit or call 912-538-3100 or 478-289-2200.

Chris Cumbee (third from left) and Michael Crumpler (right), welding instructors at STC, organize backpacks with Robins & Morton volunteers before giving them to Jenkins County Elementary School students on August 1 in Millen.