Online Students

Completing your college education is a point and click away at Southeastern Technical College's virtual campus. Online learning gives you the flexibility to take classes in the environment that works best for you: home, office, internet café, or even during travel, business or pleasure.

The content, assessments, and student learning outcomes of online courses are the same as those of their traditional counterparts. The primary difference is that online courses offer students an alternative form of course delivery that is more flexible and convenient than traditional classroom attendance. As a trade-off, however, online courses require a greater time commitment than traditionally delivered courses. Students who take online courses need strong skills in studying, time management, Internet navigation, and reading comprehension to be successful. Individual courses may require additional specific skills, such as proficiency in word processing. Following instructions, working independently, and submitting assignments by due dates are an important part of online learning. Students must have frequent access to a computer and a reliable Internet provider. Online learning may not be the right choice for all learners, but for those who meet the requirements, it is an exciting and viable alternative to traditional classes.

Online Proctored Events

In order to validate student identity for all online courses, students enrolled in online courses are required to complete one proctored event per online course. The proctored event will be administered on separate days — once on the Vidalia campus and once on the Swainsboro campus. Students must attend one of the proctored sessions as scheduled on the Lesson Plan/Course Calendar. The event will be monitored by the instructor or by an approved proctor. The proctored event may be a major exam, assignment, or presentation, etc. that will count a minimum of 20% of the course grade. Students must attend one of the scheduled proctored sessions and will need to make arrangements with work, childcare, etc. The specific dates of the proctored event are scheduled on the Lesson Plan/Calendar for the online course.

Students living farther than 75 miles from either campus who cannot come to Southeastern Tech for the event must secure an approved proctoring site. The site and the proctor must meet Southeastern Technical College's requirements (instructor will provide more information and necessary forms if this is the case). Note: Students taking proctored events off campus will utilize the Proctor Scheduling and Approval Form found in Blackboard within the Getting Started/Start Here and Proctoring Event area. The completed form should be submitted to the course instructor a minimum of two weeks prior to the proctored event. If approved, the instructor will notify the proctor.

Students arranging off-campus proctoring must take the event on one of the originally scheduled days. Students who do not complete the proctored event as scheduled must submit a valid documented excuse within three business days after the scheduled event. If the excuse is approved by the instructor of the course, students must make arrangements with the instructor to makeup/reschedule the missed event. The penalty and makeup instructions will be at the instructor’s discretion. Proctored events will be given after the 65% point of the semester. Students who do not complete the proctored event on the scheduled date and do not present a valid documented excuse within three business days of the scheduled event will be given a zero for the proctored event.

Students are not charged a proctoring fee when taking a proctored event at Southeastern Technical College or any other TCSG college. Students who choose to use an off-campus proctor may be assessed a proctoring fee by the proctoring site. In this instance, the student is responsible for payment.


Online students may access all services and resources that are available to on-campus students by using Ask the Librarian, online resources, and MySTC. These resources allow students access to the Internet through the school's servers, thus eliminating the need for a GALILEO password.

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