Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness at Southeastern Technical College is a continuous, comprehensive, and integrated system. The system involves analysis, planning, implementation, assessment, and application of the results, designed to demonstrate the progress of the College in fulfilling its stated mission. This continuous, comprehensive, and integrated approach to improving quality also involves monitoring local, state, and federal budgeting. Institutional Effectiveness employs a system that ensures plans are implemented and evaluated with emphasis on decision-making and changes as a result of the evaluation findings. In addition, research is conducted and results are utilized in the planning and evaluation process.

Southeastern Technical College considers this plan to be an appropriate, well functioning planning and evaluation process, which identifies and integrates projected educational, physical, and financial development, and incorporates procedures for program reviews and institutional improvement. It is systematic, broad-based, and interrelated.

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Mitchell Fagler

Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
(478) 289-2272